Sep 132012
The Peanut Part 2: A Krypton & Jelly Sandwich

We all have weaknesses, but why? Isn’t life hard enough without being bad at math or not being able to make a lay-up or fumbling with chopsticks or screwing up your checkbook balance? Of course, it is. So why do we get weaknesses? Allergies, conditions, growths, poor grammar, they all seem like design flaws. The average human body is simply rife with issues. Look at the revenue these health care providers are pulling in. I, personally, can’t go a couple of months without forking over some cash for a co-pay. I invite you to look at the lion resting in the tall grass in Africa or the rhino sipping water from the banks of the Pangani River. They don’t have to worry about going to get their annual physicals. Do they? In case you haven’t read part 1 of this, we recently learned that our son Lucas has a severe peanut allergy. Since then, we’ve been on high alert for any peanuts infiltrating our food inventory. So let’s go back to the why behind weakness. Let’s look at Superman. Everyone loves Superman because he’s a hero. He can pretty much do anything. He can fly through air and through space. […]

Sep 122012
The Peanut Part 1: I Thought We Were Friends

Consider the peanut. Stuffed with nutrients and a fine source of niacin, fiber, vitamin E, phosphorus and higher protein content than that of any other nut. Peanuts can be canned, salted, roasted, spread, inserted into M&M’s, and used to make oil, leather, polish, insecticides, paint, varnish and even nitroglycerin! A useful legume, the peanut is! When I think of the peanut, images of a dapper peanut-shaped figure complete with top hat and monocle dance in my head. They remind me of a simpler time, filled with naptimes and cubbyholes and floor mats and, of course, Annette Funicello. And even though Annette was paid large sums of money to say that she was proud of her kids for choosing Skippy, I believe that deep down, she really was proud. I, as a tyke, would stuff large fistfuls of peanuts into my mouth while watching Looney Tunes. When playing Donkey Kong Jr. on my Colecovision, I’d take short breaks to dip the wider end of my celery into jars of this spreadable food paste retrieving heaping amounts on the upward scoop thus delighting in a tasty pre-adolescent snack. The peanut was a symbol of youth and outdoor summer fun, of brightly colored […]

Jun 072012
Another Crypton Commercial!!

Here’s another Crypton commercial! Lucas gets more screen time! I have to give a shout out to Jones Studios. They are the creative folks who made this video. They are an amazing team. I love working with them. Eric and Pui Pui Jones. Believe in or not, they’re a husband and wife team and they are two of the most creative people I know. Aside from being an awesome creative director, Eric writes awesome music.

May 092012
Your Stay At Home Dad is giving away 10 family tickets to The New York Baby Show

Okay all new parents and parents to be! Your Stay At Home Dad is doing his very first giveaway! I’m giving away 10 family tickets to the New York Baby Show being held May 19 and 20 and Pier 92 in NYC. The New York Baby Show is said to be the largest  and most family-friendly consumer baby show for new and expectant parents in the United States this year! Contest closes May 16! (For how to enter see below.)   Your Stay at Home Dad’s Two Cents So, allow me to ask a somewhat politically incorrect question. What do you think the most negative aspect of having children is? The sleepless nights? The lost freedom? The drooling? Sure, these are all unfavorable features of parenthood. However, I feel that the greatest oversight in the creation of a new human is the lack of an owner’s manual. When the baby’s born, Mother Nature supplies almost everything. You got the placenta, (which is like the packing material), maternal instincts all of a sudden materialize and the baby even comes with that new baby smell. Sure, there are a million books out there, but which one do you use? Which stroller do […]

May 092012
Dear John: A Tribute to John Lennon

My dad, aside from being a funeral director, plays guitar and writes music. Back in 1981, after the death of John Lennon, my dad, an avid Beatles fan, wrote this song. A year ago, he did a recording of it and he had me create a video montage for it. I often wonder what our world would be like if Lennon had lived another thirty years. Through his music, he really got us thinking about things differently. He was a philosopher as well as an artist. I was six years old when John Lennon was shot. My mom and I heard it on the news while we were decorating the Christmas tree. Everything stopped. My mom sat down on the couch and just wept. I’ll never forget that. I remember thinking what an impact this man must’ve had if my mother, a woman he had never actually met, could be so moved by his death. It was probably the first time I saw my mom truly vulnerable.

May 042012
Your Stay At Home Dad Auditions for Reality TV!

I recently got word of an audition for some new reality television show centering around stay at home dads. With all that’s going on, I figured why not audition for it, so I made this video. Please let me know what you think. We’re all really excited about the possibility of being on this show. I am so pleased with my family, Sarah, Lucas and Anna did such a great job. Special thanks to my brother Mike for his comments and for filming most of this. Also, special thanks goes to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Abby and Mario, who, without their support, our lives would be infinitely more difficult.

Apr 282012
Your Stay At Home Dad Party's Like A Cowboy

Funds were a bit tight this year, so we had my daughter Anna’s birthday at home with just our immediate family. Due to her crazed obsession with Toy Story, we decided on a Jessie the Cowgirl theme. There was a plethora of cowgirl confections and other delightful fare including, but not limited to, cowgirl crunchies, cowboy crunchies, horseshoe applesauce, sombrero snacks, swing-ridin’ smores on sticks. And that’s not all, there was cowboy caviar, brushetta, salsa, chips and a huge eggplant and chicken cutlet sammich from Belfiore’s. Some beer and water bottles down at the old watering hole completed the festive menu. In keeping with the theme, I, your stay at home dad, wore jeans, a collared shirt and a bandana around my neck, which is what I usually wear, sans bandana. Lucas wore overalls and bandana with no shirt, we called him Buford throughout the day. The birthday girl dressed in a Jesse costume complete with orange braid. Sarah, as usual, “had nothing to wear,” so she wore stuff she always wears. Set up for this party was exhaustive, taking a total of 16 hours with all hands on deck. Aunt Tara and Grandma Ruth Ann were all over the […]

Apr 272012
Your Stay At Home Dad is the spokesman for Crypton Home Fabrics

I thought this might be worth mentioning. I recently did a business to business commercial for Crypton Home Fabrics. Pretty good product, red wine rolls off it like water on a duck’s back. Plus, both my kids got to be in it. My daughter Anna is eating a green popsicle and drops some thus illustrating the stain resistance, my son Lucas does a pretty cool one eyebrow raise at the camera and I, of course, talk about Crypton’s superior stain protection. Check it out:

Apr 272012

The first time I ever saw a dead body, I was three years old. My family owns a funeral home. My father is a funeral director, so were my grandfather and my great grandfather. I, on the other hand, am not one. I remember being a kid and running errands with my mom during the day. Every now and then we’d have to stop at the funeral home for one reason or another. On days when we were there longer, my sister and I would get restless and end up exploring. So naturally, I had seen my share of corpses laid out in dimly lit rooms with fifty or so chairs lined up neatly in front. Tissue boxes sat on the armrests of the chairs up front. The smell of flowers was always so overwhelming that, to this day, I always equate the smell with death. For the past year, I have been doing work for my dad at the funeral home. Mostly marketing and some light tech support. A couple of weeks ago, there was an emergency with the multimedia system in one of the visitation rooms. It was in the morning during the week so I had to […]

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